Excelsior! Remembering The Iconic Stan Lee

Hey Everyone! As you may know already, Stan Lee passed away today. The man was an absolute legend. He created heroes that many people grew up with and he will not be forgotten. Although I can't help but be upset, I think it's important to remember that he has a huge legacy that will succeed [...]


Art Update

Hey Everyone! Here's another doodle, this time it's Rogue from the X-Men (the 90s cartoon 😊) What do you guys think? Let me know if you have a requests for a specific character. Peace✌️, Love💜 and Noodles🍜 Princess Blabbermouth X

What’s In My Pencil Case?

Hey everyone! I guess this is like a stationery-themed "What's In My Bag?", featuring my pencil case. That's all for now! I'll see you soon. Peace✌️, Love💜 and Noodles🍜 Princess Blabbermouth X    

Art Update

Hey everyone! I coloured in a drawing of Damian Wayne (Or Al Ghul) as Robin digitally. Here it is: *If you would like to share this, please refrain from copying my images as I worked very hard on them. Kindly credit me as the creator and owner or re-blog, I would be very grateful*   [...]

Things I Love About Autumn

Hey everyone! These are a few of my favourite things about Autumn (or Fall as you may know it): Hot chocolate Warm scarves Soft blankets Crunchy leaves and outdoor walks Boots Pumpkin soup Halloween Harvest That's all for now. See you soon!   Peace✌️, Love💜 and Noodles🍜 Princess Blabbermouth X  

October. (It’s basically Halloween now.)

Hey everyone! September went by so quickly, I'm shook! How did that even happen? I've been away from my blog for some time, apologies for not reading anyone's posts- I just haven't had time. We're at that time of year when it's freezing outside but the leaves haven't started falling yet. I've pulled out my [...]

Celebration: Roaring 20s Style!

Hey everyone! It was my birthday a week ago and I received some beautiful presents from my family and friends. The plan was actually to just to go to the cinema with a friend- which I did. Christopher Robin was such a great film, it brought the stories to life and featured illustrations from the [...]

Weekly Update- Potion Diaries Edition *Spoilers*

Hey everyone! Last year, I got the third potion diaries books for my birthday. I have so many other books and I shadowed a book awards shortlists too so I never finished reading it. I read it this summer on my travels (will update on that soon, hopefully) and today I'm doing a post on [...]

Blog Party- Promote Yourself!

Hey everyone! This week's post is going to be very brief because I want you guys to share your blogs and promote them on my platform- that way we can all get to know each other better. It is the start of a new month, September! I even made an icon, even though it's not [...]

Carry On Wayward Son Cover

Hey everyone! I have mentioned my love for Rainbow Rowell's Fangirl and Carry On before and I recently got into Supernatural too. What I'm freaking out over is that the sequel to Carry On (due to be released soon but not soon enough!) is titled "Wayward Son". Carry On Wayward Son is a song featured [...]