Blogmas Day 11- A Gift Guide For People You Don’t Know All Too Well

Hey everyone! I want to start by saying that this is a scheduled post. I have just posted the tenth day of Blogmas. So hello, Future Me! That's probably the closest I'll ever want to get with time-travelling. That and the Back To The Future movies. Those are awesome.  For today's post I want to [...]


Blogmas Day 10- In Which I Show You The Globe (Kind Of)

Hey everyone! Look at me updating on time, aren't you proud of me?! Today was chill. 😂 I did a spot of drawing today and it turned out better than I expected. I have yet to add detail but I can show you what I have so far.   I think it would look awesome [...]

Blogmas Day 9- In Which See Snow and Ramble About Random Things

Hey everyone! How are you all today? This week went by pretty fast. I was planning on updating yesterday but I kinda... Fell asleep. The title is really long- sorry, but let me make it up to you with a bunch of random highlights! It was snowy outside today so I went out and took [...]

Blogmas Day 6- A Letter To The World

Hey everyone! How are we all today? I hope your day was a good one. So today I would like to talk about unity. I am sorry that this post may not be full of Christmas cheer and memes but that doesn't make it any less worth reading. 2017 has been a very intense year. [...]

Blogmas Day 5- In Which We Discuss Hot-Chocolate

Hey everyone! Well. The whole "a post a day thing" is even harder than I thought. What sort of state was I in when I chose to do Blogmas? Oh, right. I finished eating my chocolate advent calendar and here we are now. I wasn't here yesterday, that's why there was no fourth day of [...]

Blogmas Day 3- In Which We Remember Kindness

Hey everyone!  How's it going? Today was about as chill as yesterday. I managed to find my lost sweater ( it's oversized, comfy and I missed it so much!). But I'm getting carried away. Today's theme is Kindness. We all like to think we are kind but when it actually comes down to it, many [...]

Blogmas Day 2- In Which We Sleigh Productivity

Hey everyone! How is everything? I am great! I managed to get out of bed pretty early for the weekend I think. I did some cleaning and ate a fair-sized breakfast. Let's slay (or sleigh) being productive!  And now I am actually keeping my word and posting for Blogmas. "Gimme da points!" As Lilly Singh [...]