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A new artwork based on Mike Colter as Luke Cage via Luke Cage — paulmakesart


Weekly Update

Hey everyone! The  last post was so much  fun that I wanted to write this one in the same style. (I know it was Eid yesterday so Eid Mubarak to those of you who celebrated!🎉)  Bookish Update: I am currently reading Running on the Roof of the World by Jess Butterworth and I am not that far in so …

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Weekly Update

Hello everybody! This post is an update about a few different things.  Bookish Update: JUST READ: Captain America Vol. 3 by Ed Brubaker CURRENTLY READING: I am reading Fangirl again, it's just so good! When I re-read a book it feels like I'm visiting a familiar place and meeting the characters for a catch-up 😂. Also …

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Mystery Blogger Award

Hey everyone! I was tagged by Anna from Anna's Little Thing, you should go over to her blog and send her some positive vibes. RULES FOR MYSTERY BLOGGER AWARD Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their blog Answer the questions given to you by the person who nominated you Tell your readers 3 things …

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Art Update

Hello everyone! Here is the art I promised. It took me a while, but I finished adding colour. I'm not sure if it's recognisable but I based it loosely on Tom Holland. (If anyone has seen Infinity War, please let me know and we can grieve together😂). This is a short and sweet post but …

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Trip To France- Thoughts and Photographs

Hello everyone! Earlier this year I went to France and here are some photographs I want to share with you of my time there. I visited Normandy for a couple of days to see Omaha Beach, The Normandy American Cemetery and later we explored the nearby area of Arromanches-les-Bains. Then to top it all off, …

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Nature’s Beauty- Photography

Shoutout to Ella Anne, these are beautiful!

Ella Anne

Hello everyone ❤️

I’ve been out and about today and took a few photographs which I thought you might enjoy looking at.

For me going outside is crucial for my happiness and I love the beauty of nature so much that I can’t resist capturing the best moments in photographs.

I only took a few today but still thought you’d enjoy seeing them…

I hope that you’ve enjoyed looking at my photography! Please give me any tips or pointers if you can and also like and comment with any post ideas because I’m on my half term now so have more time to write up blogs.

Thanks for reading!



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Liebster Award

Hey everyone! It's been a while, so if you're reading this, hi! I've been nominated by QueenTeen for the Liebster Award. Thank you QueenTeen! The Rules: Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you Share 11 facts about yourself Answer the 11 questions the blogger(s) asked you Nominate 11 bloggers for the award Create 11 new questions …

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Fascinating Friday! – Extraordinary Places You Can Stay At, Part 1

This is a really cool post I found and I wanted to share it with y’all, so here you go!

Life is short, I believe in making the most of it.

Fascinating (1)

Thank you for joining me for the 2nd ‘Fascinating Friday!’ The last one, featuring the $250,000,000 home at 924 Bel Air Road, was a big hit with you all, so I really hope that you enjoy what I have for today! If you didn’t see the last ‘Fascinating Friday,’ you can view it here. 😊
Ok, so this Friday we are looking at the first of two parts featuring some of the most unique and incredible places that you can stay! Get ready to be amazed!
Here we go…

The 727 Fuselage Hotel Suite, Costa Rica

friday7This 727 Fuselage hotel suite is a refurbished vintage 1965 Boeing 727 airframe, which, in its prior life, shuttled globetrotters on South Africa Air and Avianca Airlines (Colombia). This fully outfitted, meticulously detailed, two bedroom, Boeing 727 fuselage suite jets out from the jungle canopy, affording you views that will make you…

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Blog Update 3/4/18 + Art Requests

Hello everyone! I have been gone for quite some time but returned to celebrate my first blog anniversary, so I am excited to see if anything has changed much around here.  I would like to learn more about you guys, the readers and make this a more interactive experience. If you'd like to share what's …

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