10 Things to take in your hand-luggage

Hey everyone! I love to travel; amazing places, new people and adventure everywhere! I am something of a fanatic when in comes to planning for a trip. I don't have any upcoming plans but I know what I would take if I did. For my 1 month bloggiversary I have made a list of 10 [...]


Energy Boost Red Juice

Hi again! Before we begin I want to thank you all for motivating me to blog. Can you believe that I have made it to my 1 month bloggiversary?! I have not always been a fan of celery. But it's definitely worth drinking because of all its miracle-like properties: it helps blood pressure and cholesterol [...]

Breakfast ‘Pink Drink’ Smoothie

Hey everyone! Following an alarming increase in the number of times I have found myself late in the mornings, I have found myself rushing around trying to get as much goodness as I can without making myself even later! I get bored with one thing very easily and so I have to come up with [...]

Microwave Mug Cake (egg-free)

Hey everyone! Am I the only one who experiences random pangs of hunger, craving a delicious treat but not wanting to make a big effort and bake?! Come on guys, I know I'm not alone. Lucky for you, I have a recipe for a microwave mug cake. Ingredients 4 tablespoons plain flour 2 tablespoons sugar [...]

Chocolate Mocha

Hey everyone! I am a morning person. Mostly. But sometimes I just find it hard to be energetic and chirpy, especially if the weather is bad. I love breakfast and try my best to be sure it's delicious and nutritious but I don't mind the odd bowl of chocolate-y cereal now and then. Who says [...]

Smoothie Bowls

Hey everyone! As part of my recent smoothie obsession, I have been trying to cram them into my diet as much as possible. Then, after surfing the web for recipes to fulfil my cravings, I came across the answer: smoothie bowls. Resembling a guilt-free ice cream, they satisfy your hunger, taste delicious and are a [...]

Top Three Smoothies

Hi everybody!  I don't know about you but I am crazy about smoothies. They're light, tasty and refreshing. Sometimes I find it hard to just have one favourite, so in this post I will show you how to make three of my favourite smoothies. 1) Strawberry and Banana: Take 1 banana and 6 strawberries. Prepare [...]