DIY Natural Eyeliner


Even though I don’t really wear makeup myself, I think it’s definitely worthwhile having a go at making your own. When you use all natural ingredients you know exactly what you’re putting on your skin but with store-bought products, you can’t always tell. Although many bloggers have posted recipes before I decided that I would too. Down  below is a recipe for your very own gel liner.


  • Activated Charcoal (you can get this at the drugstore. Fun fact: it’s used to cure stomach problems!)
  • Aloe Vera Gel (this is what turns the powder into a gel)
  • Coconut Oil (this helps the liner glide on smoothly)


1) In a bowl, split Activated Charcoal capsules and keep the loose powder. Use about two capsules.

2) Add about a tsp of Aloe Vera Gel and mix together.3) Add your desired amount of coconut oil. It’s best to add tiny amounts and keep stirring as if you add too much the mixture will turn oily. If you have oily skin it’s best not to add too much because then when you are wearing it, the liner will melt and smudge.

4) When you have your desired consistency, transfer the liner into a container. When you want to use it, apply with a brush and you’re ready to go!