The Haunting of Hiram by Eva Ibbotson Review

Hey everyone!

So it is no secret that I am a huge Eva Ibbotson fan! I absolutely adore her work and I want to give her some of the recognition she deserves. Below is an honest review of the book The Haunting of Hiram. 

The Cover

Okay, I looked and looked but the picture below is not the same as the one that I read myself. But like many of her books there are deep and bold colours used. The illustrations are always so cool! I know that usually brighter or pastel colours are more attention-grabbing but this sort of artwork has a sort of undertow to it. It pulls you in and holds you there.

the haunting of hiram cover
Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to this image. 

The Characters

The diversity of the characters is what helps the story move along. You have a boy with an interesting heritage who can’t afford to maintain it but he finds a rich man who can. Enter a sweet little POLTERGIEST, a ghost Viking, a hound from hell and a severed hand and you have a great story that everyone wants to read!

The Plot

Alex is a twelve-year old Scottish boy who has inherited a castle, complete with living (not really), breathing (not really) ghosts! Trouble is, he can’t afford to keep the castle in good shape and without any parents the family estate is his responsibility. So he meets up with a millionaire from Texas who promises to look after it. By tearing it down brick-by-brick! He wants to ship the whole castle to America and will pay a lot of money too. But the ghosts cannot follow the castle as he doesn’t want them to scare his daughter because he thinks she is too frail to cope.

Recommending This Book

I whole-heartedly recommend this book to anyone and everyone regardless of age or gender. If you don’t like to laugh you will after you read The Haunting of Hiram by Eva Ibbotson.

That was my review of the Haunting of Hiram. If you enjoyed it then like, share and comment which Eva Ibbotson book is your favourite. Follow for more madness and I’ll see you all later.

But until next time, keep blabbing!


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