Summer Cooler

Hey Guys,

I hope you had a great Easter and if you didn’t celebrate it then I hope you still had a great time! Today I am back with a great recipe for customisable cooling drinks. As we welcome the warm weather we find ourselves in need of cooling off and what better way than to make your own icy drink?

For this drink you will need:

  • Frozen chunks of watermelon
  • Two strawberries halved
  • A handful of frozen grapes
  • Some chilled fruit juice of your choice 


1) Put most of your fruits in the blender but save a few because putting too many could cause the blades to get stuck. If your blender or juicer is stronger though then you can go ahead and throw it all in.

2) Pour your chosen juice in the blender.

3) Blend!

4) Serve immediately and enjoy!