10 Things to take in your hand-luggage

Hey everyone!

I love to travel; amazing places, new people and adventure everywhere! I am something of a fanatic when in comes to planning for a trip. I don’t have any upcoming plans but I know what I would take if I did. For my 1 month bloggiversary I have made a list of 10 things you absolutely need to take in your hand-luggage.

  1. Okay, I know this doesn’t count as something you put in your carry-on bag but it is super-important that you use a bag that isn’t a struggle to get out and rummage through. Think a duffel bag, or perhaps a sturdy backpack. Avoid anything huge or hard to handle unless it’s a long haul flight/trip. You could use a strong tote-bag if it has a zipper to make sure nothing falls out.

    backpack image
    DISCLAIMER: I don’t own this image. No copyright infringement intended.
  2. A travel adapter in case you need to charge your devices. You will not believe how often this happens at the worst possible time! It’s better to be safe than very, very sorry so make sure your phone or tablet always has juice.
  3. All the chargers you need to avoid that mini-heart attack when your phone beeps at you declaring it’s about to die.
  4. Headphones and earphones. It’s not only kind to other people, but they will help you become absorbed in whatever you are watching or listening to because they create your own bubble and help you ignore the outside world.

    I don’t own this image either, so…
  5. Small notebook, pen and definitely take a pencil. Now, you may be wondering, why a pencil? But let me tell you, pens are susceptible to leaking, freezing, drying out or being downright broken in half! The likelihood of these things happening is very small but don’t you want to travel like a survival expert? If you need to write down important info ASAP then save yourself the trouble and take these!
  6. A change of clothes. Some may call this unnecessary and tell you spare underwear is all you need, but what are you going to do if the annoying person you have the pleasure if sitting beside on the plane spills their drink all down your lovely shirt?! What then? Don’t sit there with your clothes sticking to you, smelling of cola. Take a spare set of clothes in case the worst happens. Warning! Don’t take bulky items because they will take up too much valuable space. Tip: roll the clothes so they don’t get as creased as they would if you folded them.
  7. Wet wipes. There is nothing worse than getting off a flight feeling gross and tired. Bring a pack of wipes so you can freshen up in the tiny toilet! Taking care of yourself will make you feel refreshed and clean so you can enjoy your trip to the max.

    wet wipes
    Nuh-uh, not my image!
  8. Travel toothbrush and toothpaste. What are you going to do when that delicious in-flight meal threatens to turn into a case of halitosis? Brushing your teeth will make you feel happier too. Feeling fresh or frazzled? I know which one I’d pick.
  9. Snacks. I don’t know about anyone else, but I get hangry! Going too long without eating makes me irritable and I feel terrible too. To avoid getting hangry, pack some snacks to keep you going.
  10. A cosy blanket. I know that some flights offer this but if you don’t have this option, bringing a lightweight blanket can help you feel more at home and catch some well-deserved shut-eye. It also gets the message across to other passengers that you are going to have a nap, so please do not disturb thank you very kindly!

There it is, my list of 10 hand-luggage items you need to have. I hope you found this helpful. Like, share and comment if you enjoyed this and want to see more travel-related posts on my blog. Want more madness? Then follow my blog you lovely people!

Until next time, keep blabbing!


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