My Two Month Bloggiversary and re-blog giveaway!

Hi everybody! I can't believe that since I began blogging, it has been two whole months and from April- just below 170 views, to May with just under 750 views! So here I am writing my 56th post! To celebrate I am going to give shout-outs, the rules will be at the end of this... Continue Reading →


DIY Berry Beautiful Lip Stain

Hey everybody, how's your day going? To continue with our little DIY beauty series, I want to share a recipe I have for your own berry lip stain. Keep in mind that this may need to be refrigerated depending on the climate where you live. You will need: 1 blackberry 1 raspberry 1/2 teaspoon of... Continue Reading →

Beauty Formulas Activated Charcoal Detox Cleanser Review

Hi everyone! I wanted to do a skincare post to accompany all of my new beauty posts. I have been using this facial cleanser for a while now and I have really noticed a difference. So here is my review. It leaves my face brighter I feel cleaner It smells pleasant I love Activated Charcoal!... Continue Reading →


Some interesting ideas, makes you think!

Me On Focus

Fear: An unpleasant emotion caused by the threat of danger, pain or harm.

Only reading it’s definition it already causes a certain bad feeling, isn’t it?

Well, fear is the cause of all our problems and weaknesses, it’s the hardest feeling to overcome.

Some might think that for a positive person fear isn’t a word that exists in their vocabulary… WRONG!!! Totally wrong! A positive person is positive because he/she found a way to overcome fear. Overcome, not hide or do as fear isn’t there… because fear always will appear for some reason…

I read many books about positivity and about how we shouldn’t feel fear and always concentrate on the positive but, what I found is that at end I got the fear of feeling fear… I was totally scared about thinking about my doubts and worries and this of course caused me stressed.

“When fear and doubtful thoughts pops in your head just push…

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What to buy for your first make-up bag

Hi everyone, I hope you are having a great day! I know that I have already re-blogged My first makeup bag  but I wanted to try my hand at this sort of post too and give some of my own advice. By no means should you feel any compulsion or pressure to use cosmetics. You are... Continue Reading →

Drugstore Mini-Haul

Hey everybody! I went out today and came home with three new products which I am excited to show you. As Naya said in her post My first makeup bag  , when starting out it's a good idea to buy really cheap products because you won't know what works for you. Here are the products along... Continue Reading →

DIY Tinted Gloss- 50th Post!

Hey everyone! As we greet the warmer weather, many of us tend to ditch thick lipsticks for a light gloss so for my 50th post, I have come up with a DIY Tinted Gloss. What you need: All you need is some Vaseline and your favourite powdered blush. How to make it: Take some soft... Continue Reading →

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