Life- Hacks for Surviving until Payday

Hey everyone!

Ah, payday. The glorious time of the month when your bank balance swells that much more! But sometimes things happen that mean your budget gets tight. Because I want to help my fellow humans out, I decided to share a list of things you can do to save money.

  1. Regrow vegetable scraps. For my green-fingered friends out there, this one’s for you! Take the seeds or stems from foods you have and grow your own. Okay, sure this one’s not so convenient because it will take ages, but it’s still good fun and with a little time you can say you grow your own food!
  2. If you have coloured-splotches on your clothes from dyes that have bled onto them in the wash, get a fabric marker and colour in the patch. This means that you don’t need to throw your clothes away just because it has discolouration.
  3. If your woolly clothes are bobble-y because of the tumble drier, use a razor to shave off the excess material. Like new!
  4. Make cushion covers from old t-shirts. Just cut around the cushion but leave at least an inch so you can sew it up later. Put the fabric right-sides together and sew up three sides. Sew in a zipper. Now turn it inside out so the coloured side shows and put the cushion in.
  5. Want to wear your phone on your arm when you work-out? Take an odd sock, cut off the leg part so you have a tube and fold the raw edges in so that it looks neater. Done!
  6. Ever stepped in a wet puddle? Don’t! Waterproof your shoes but rubbing a white, paraffin candle on them and use a hairdryer to seal it.
  7. Keep your shoes fresh by putting bicarbonate of soda and a sprig of lavender into a pouch. Put them in your shoes too keep them odour-free.
  8. Put damp tea bags into your cupboards to drive out pests.
  9. If you have a broken charger where the wire is exposed, take some heat-shrink tubing, cut it in half and wrap around the wire. Use a hairdryer to heat the tubing. Now your charger is fixed!
  10. If you’re bored with your clothes, dye them! Take some fabric dye, follow the instructions on the packet and admire your new look.

If you found this helpful or have any questions about this post please comment down below. If you want more madness, follow my blog! Let me know what you want to see next time.

But until then, keep blabbing!


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