The Beauty Crop PBJ Smoothie Stick

How cute is that packaging?! Honestly, baby blenders on a smoothie-stick, I love smoothies but this is just a whole ‘nother level! Be sure to check out Bea’s site because it’s awesome. Peace out!


Hello everyone, if you’ve been a long time reader than you know that I use to do BirchBox reviews back when I actually had a BirchBox subscription. Well, the reason I haven’t been updating you in awhile on those reviews is because I am no longer subscribed to them (the subscription was a 6 month long gift from my best friend). Anyway, since I was always reviewing the products that I got during my gift subscription I ended up with all of these points which I could use to buy products or to buy a subscription. Well, I decided to buy a three month long subscription and try out some more products. Instead of doing a general BirchBox review, I’ve decided to select specific products from my boxes and review them separately just so that I can go into more detail on the products without making an extremely long rambly…

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