Get off the fence, rise to legendary!

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Miracle Wings

The word “success” tends to beget waves in our mind. Undeniable is the fact of life that without hardships, nothing will fall in place. Just because you dream well in the morning doesn’t mean that those dreams will turn up into reality. You need to endure up’s & down’s, grow by leaps & bounds & go through unrelenting struggle. No human history has been created without perpetual growth, be consistent in what you’re doing. Don’t underestimate yourself, shatter your fear, fight for what you think is right & seize the opportunity. Stretch your limits, think beyond the full stop, work with full potential, run faster than anyone can & do what the most of you could only dream. Heed my instructions & see how the future will be, it’s all in front of you!

Author:- Tejas Bramhecha.  Copyright © 2016


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