Why Parents deserve more than we could ever hope to give them

Hello everyone!

I want to write this post to thank my parents but I know I could never thank them enough. Before I start I want to say this to my mother and father if they’re reading this: I love you. I’m sorry for ever hurting you and sometimes I cry myself. But I want to say sorry. I can’t put what I want to tell you in words so I guess I’ll have to show you.

The cost of raising a kid to the age of 18 makes my eyes water! Listen to this: we are born alone. We will die alone. But if you have to name someone who you couldn’t live without, you’d most likely name the people who raised you. But do we really treat them like they’d treat us?

Something I often forget is that as a baby, my parents would walk in the snow, rain or freak-storms to get me milk at one in the morning! Think how heart-broken they are when you argue with them. If you are younger and live with your parents please cherish every second. You need to make as many happy memories as you can.

Sometimes it saddens me to look back on how much of my childhood was spent fighting. There’s no time for troubles, leave it behind and just get on with spreading the love. We all do stupid things that we wish we could change but I beg you, please don’t let hurting your loved ones be one of them! So I try to make every  moment count.

If you don’t live with them, visit them! I know everything is busy and you “don’t have time” but when you’re old and alone you’ll wish you had made time and spent it with the people you love most.

If this isn’t possible, for whatever reason, find a way. Send a video message, or even better, video-chat with them. If you don’t have access to the internet, use a public computer for free or at the very least ask someone if you could please let your parents know you love them. Somebody, somewhere, has to have a heart. 

If you believe in life after death, think about how awesome it would be if you could spend it without feeling empty. You don’t want to think “if only” or “what if?”.

If you don’t believe in an after-life, then this gives you a reason to love everyone and live everyday as if it was your last. I don’t mean go get drunk or skydive everyday, I mean live everyday to the fullest and take opportunities before they move on so you don’t look back and regret what you did. Learn from mistakes. Don’t do the same thing and expect different results. We all do dumb stuff but as long as we treat it as a valuable lesson then it was good for us and we have grown up a little. Each stumble means we come back up taller.

I hope you leave this post taking something with you. Value your parents and don’t take them for granted. I hope this means something to all who read it. I’ll see you in the next post…

But until next time, keep blabbing!


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