My first makeup bag 

Wow! Seriously, I have always thought about wearing a little makeup but I feel that there are so many products that it’s too much effort to even try. I applaud all the beauty bloggers and vloggers out there because so many people think it’s easy when it’s HARD WORK. This post made my day!

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Buying makeup can be so overwhelming. And if your a total beginner things can get ugly! So I hope to give you some ideas to create a whole makeup bag that can take you from day to night with easily applicable products!

General rule: When buying makeup for the first time stick to cheaper products until you find what you like and works best for you.


If you have a pretty clear face a BB cream is a must! If not go for a foundation with more coverage. I did not include a concealer and a primer because to me they don’t make a huge difference and you shouldn’t get overwhelmed by a huge amount of products.

What I suggest:

  • Garnier BB cream according to your skin type
  • Maybelline dream satin liquid foundation
  • Maybelline Super stay better skin powder

For cheeks the Estée Lauder signature powder blush no…

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