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Fear: An unpleasant emotion caused by the threat of danger, pain or harm.

Only reading it’s definition it already causes a certain bad feeling, isn’t it?

Well, fear is the cause of all our problems and weaknesses, it’s the hardest feeling to overcome.

Some might think that for a positive person fear isn’t a word that exists in their vocabulary… WRONG!!! Totally wrong! A positive person is positive because he/she found a way to overcome fear. Overcome, not hide or do as fear isn’t there… because fear always will appear for some reason…

I read many books about positivity and about how we shouldn’t feel fear and always concentrate on the positive but, what I found is that at end I got the fear of feeling fear… I was totally scared about thinking about my doubts and worries and this of course caused me stressed.

“When fear and doubtful thoughts pops in your head just push…

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