June Wrap-Up

Hey everyone! I hope you are having a wonderful day. I had this idea today because I wanted to wrap-up this week and then I thought, "Well, why not the whole month?" I like to leave things all tidy and finished. I don't like to let things linger because I want my blog to be …

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Sunshine Blogger Award No.1

Hey awesome humans! How is everybody? Today I am delighted to announce that the lovely TASHNEE V MAVEE has nominated me for the Sunshine Blogger Award. I am so grateful! Go check out her posts, she knows her stuff. Without further ado, here it is! Rules: Thank blogger(s) who nominated you in a blog post …

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Thanks For 1K Likes!

    Hey everybody!  How are you all on this glorious day that hasn't been filled with running in the rain and being splashed by trucks at all! Just kidding, it rained and I stepped in a puddle. Still! So I left the house today in the pouring rain and came back to find out …

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Liebester Award No.1 + 150 Followers!

Hey mermaid-tastic people! How is everybody? After posting about Why I haven’t Posted In 2 Days, I decided to only post things that are worth sharing and only blogging when it's meaningful, not because I feel obligated to. But the lovely Jade Mayhead nominated me for my first ever Liebester Award! That's definitely worthwhile and we have finally …

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Why I haven’t Posted In 2 Days

Hey lovely people! It has been forever since we last communicated through the inter-webs! But that will be explained shortly. I usually give long-winded answers and don't get to the point fast enough, but I hear that your readers lose interest so- see my point? To put it straight, I haven't posted anything for 2 days because …

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Hey everyone! Today I got up and checked my blog stats. I was secretly hoping to reach a thousand views by the end of this month. But I saw that I have reached the big 1K already! I am ecstatic! Thank you everybody for helping to hit such a HUGE milestone. I can't thank you …

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A letter to depression 

This post is what we need more of. We should bottle this post and spray it everywhere!


Dear depression,

I remember the date you knocked on my door,
2nd of March, 2017.
And I let you in, for you seemed so approaching and so friendly
We chatted and chatted, and I could sense the sadness in the air
As you slowly consumed my soul, and my life started seeming totally unfair
I tried to run away from you, I tried to save myself from your tight grasp
But you held on to me, and I knew it was a death trap
I spent days, on my bed, trying to make sense of it
Trying to hold the puzzle pieces together, and make them fit
It became difficult, to reach out for the plate of food kept right beside me
Which my stomach craved, but for which, my mind had no appetite
‘ You enjoy being depressed’, my father told me one day
And I laughed dryly, for…

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What Sport Should I Try?

Hi everyone! Recently I have been wanting to find a new sport. I used to swim every week, rain or shine. I still want to go swimming but I'd like to try something else too. What are some suggestions? I want to do tumbling (a form of gymnastics) but the nearest place that offers it …

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Fabulous Foodie Frenzy No.2: Lemon Drizzle Cake

Hey everybody! I want to share an easy recipe for a loaf cake that reminds me of summer at home with my family. This recipe is for a lemon drizzle cake and makes a small amount, perfect for a last-minute dessert or to serve 2-4 people. You will need: 50g plain flour 50g caster sugar …

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Thanks For 125!

Hello everyone! I am so happy to announce that our tiny corner of the inter-webs has reached 125 followers. 125 amazing people with super-cool blogs and good attitudes. Everybody has supported me on this journey and we have come so far. Blogging and the WordPress community has been there for me rain or shine and …

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