Go Meg, It’s Your Birthday!

Happy Birthday Megan!

Meg Kem Magic


Ahh I am waking up another year older today! Today I turn 24, which means I finally have a horizontal license now!! I have to get excited for the small things, not much happens when you turn 24…

I am actually really excited to turn 24. It isn’t a “big” birthday however, in my mind (everyone has their own opinion on this), I feel like mid twenties are right about the prime in people’s lives. I know that in this upcoming year, I will be graduating with my master’s degree, I will hopefully be getting my first “big girl” job, and I am still young enough to have some fun! I don’t have children or other important responsibilities quite yet. I can just enjoy myself and take this time to still figure myself out and determine exactly what kind of job I would like, where I would love to live…

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