Skechers Unboxing

Hey everybody!

So today I went to pick up a parcel my mother asked me to get. Little did I know that it was for me! She has a pair herself in black, but she knew I wanted some so ta-da! Because I don’t normally shop online, I don’t get to unbox things. Here is my first unboxing post!

At first sight, the box is super vibrant and pops. I love the colours they chose because blue and bubble-gum pink go so well together. shoesThe shoes came wrapped in tissue paper with the Skechers logo all over, which is a nice touch. The shoes were packed with these cardboard props to stop them losing their shape. I found it quite difficult to get them out but we got there in the end! 20170610_132654 The shoes claim to have “goga mat” technology, I guess it means yoga mat, but because the line is called go walk, they used a lil’ wordplay. The foam tag is so cute! Like a yoga mat for tiny people! The shoes themselves have a firm foam lining. Not like I expected but in a good way. They are not squishy or gross, they are soft and pleasant to walk on and I can barely feel the ground when I walk.if i were tiny id sleep on a marshmallowThe colour is nice because they are a ‘textured’ grey, I would say. They have a sort of nice stripe-y thing going on. I especially like the pink stitching detail because  I think it helps it come together.

All in all, I love these shoes! Thanks to my mother, I now have cute kicks ,fashionable yet functional! If you enjoyed this post then, like, share and comment. Follow me for more madness and I’ll see you in the next post.

But until next time, keep blabbing!


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