Act Like a Kid- You Know You Want To! (Story-time)

Hey everyone! Ok, so this post was sparked because today, my brother and I were super silly when we went shopping. Here is my first Story-time! 

My mother and grandmother were buying important something or other, and we went to get coffee. This was the same huge store that we had to behave in as kids because the employees were big and scary. We couldn’t run up and down the aisles because there was always a boring adult there ready to tell us off. The place was giant and so there was a store colleague every few aisles. But now… We were taller yet still kids at heart!

As soon as we finished our coffee, we formulated a wicked plan. Yes, a very immature thing to do, just like the plan itself. We decided to tail our grandma and mother through the store without being seen! Our plan was set into motion.

We ran through the store, weaving in and out between shelves, slowing down and acting (not very) casual around other people. At last, we turned a corner and found them! Our granny looked back and saw us. I thought we had been rumbled, I don’t know how but she didn’t notice me. I ducked behind a freezer to join my brother and we caught our breath.

At one point, my mother nearly saw us through  a gap in the shelf so we had to take cover behind a tower of chocolate boxes. Which, oddly enough, was my least favourite kind! After about half an hour of our shenanigans, we decided to scare them and we jumped them from behind! 

I have not had this much fun in so long! I think everyone should act like a kid once in a while. Happiness is good for you. If you enjoyed reading about my craziness then like, share and comment your favourite childhood memory. Follow for more madness and I’ll see you next post.

But until next time, keep blabbing!


7 thoughts on “Act Like a Kid- You Know You Want To! (Story-time)

  1. Haha you’re absolutely right – happiness is good for you! This sounds like such a fun adventure, definitely something I could see me and my brother doing at some point with our mom. 😂👌🏼


  2. I always bring the inner child in me when I’m with my sis. We play so many pranks at random people or on my mom! I love being with her ,but since past three days she’s out of station and the prankster in me is asleep! 🙃

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