Little Things No.1

Hey everyone!

How are you all? First, I want to thank you for 99 views in a day and 123 followers- massive shout-out to you all. I admire Maggie from Dreaming Of Guatemala’s ability to step back and appreciate the little things in life. I wanted to do a chill post and share what I’ve been up to in the past week with you all.

  • I bought new ballet flats that look like pointe shoes and a pink cami-top too. All I need is a tutu and five-year-old me would be proud! (The tiny ceramic shoes in the picture came on my fifth birthday cake).
  • I finished the last Alex Rider graphic novel Scorpia and had a mini-heart attack at the HUGE plot-twist at the end! I NEED SOME CLOSURE! I hope the rest of the books get made into graphic novels because they are so cool! I don’t like how the artists are different because Alex looks nothing like he did in the last four, but I quickly adjusted.  
  • I went to two birthday parties. Both cakes were light and fluffy and made with fresh cream!
  • It was Father’s day and it went smoothly because I got him the best pair of socks ever! Don’t freak out, he got perfume as well, I’m not mean. And he liked the socks! I think…
  • I managed to tidy up, but somehow mysterious mess has slowly but surely reclaimed the wasteland that is my bedroom. How long do you think I’ll last before I get trapped under a mountain of band tees, books and paper? I think I’ll put it off until at least Thursday.
  • I made juice by myself! Okay, so I mixed cordial with some defrosted raspberries and strained it all. But it counts!
  • We kicked of our Fabulous Foodie Frenzy series with Apoorva907’s Oreo Milkshake. If you want to take part, all you have to do is share your recipe along with any happy memories it brings in the comments down below and I’ll use it in the series!

What have you managed to do this week? It doesn’t matter how big or small it was, as long as you got it done then you can be happy! Thanks to Maggie for this idea, it’s so nice that we can reflect on all the thinks we are thankful for.

If you enjoyed reading about what I got up to then like, share and comment what you did this past week so I know to make more posts like this in future. Follow me for more madness and I’ll see you next post!

But until next time, keep blabbing!


4 thoughts on “Little Things No.1

  1. Ahh how am I just now seeing this?? lol It makes me sooo happy that I inspired you! Being able to appreciate the little things in life makes our us so much happier and grateful. 🙂 Those ballet flats are beautiful! Ooh and that juice you came up with sounds spectacular. I have yet to share a recipe for your cool series haha, I’ll go do that shortly! xx

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