What Sport Should I Try?

Hi everyone!

Recently I have been wanting to find a new sport. I used to swim every week, rain or shine. I still want to go swimming but I’d like to try something else too.

What are some suggestions? I want to do tumbling (a form of gymnastics) but the nearest place that offers it isn’t so near! And diving, though it looks cool, requires me to be able to swim further than I actually can. I have briefly considered doing martial arts but I realised that means I risk getting beaten up! I want to join the gym but I don’t just want to get fit, I want to try a sport too.

If anyone has any ideas, please let me know! Follow me for more madness so you can see which sport I take up!

I’ll see you later,

But until next time, keep blabbing!


9 thoughts on “What Sport Should I Try?

  1. Yoga is a really good one but it isn’t a sport! I do yoga every day as well as meditation. It helps to calm your mind and keep you healthy. You can play badminton or learn tennis ! I love tennis but I don’t know how to play it! Sports that I usually play are table tennis and throw ball. You can try one of these!

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  2. I took tumbling classes when I was little! I really enjoyed it. I saw that someone else commented about yoga; I’ve tried my hand at that. There are sooo many great yoga choices on YouTube!

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  3. I love running and yoga. You should try some yoga you’ll find that it will help if one day you do start tumbling. I used to do cheer and tumbled. 👍 yoga inversions are my new fav since having kids.

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