June Wrap-Up

Hey everyone!

I hope you are having a wonderful day. I had this idea today because I wanted to wrap-up this week and then I thought, “Well, why not the whole month?” I like to leave things all tidy and finished. I don’t like to let things linger because I want my blog to be organised- like life should be. I don’t believe you should plan life, I like some spontaneity but you should be organised so you can get the most out of the time you have.

In this post I will be highlighting and doing a sort of overview about this month and I have compiled a list of six things that have happened.

  1. We kicked off the Fabulous Foodie Frenzy series and have currently just two posts in it. Come on guys, let’s not stop now! See here for more details.Double-Chocolate-Oreo-Milkshake-Recipe
  2. We hit over 150 followers which is INSANE! Thanks so much for all your support, I feel so blessed for all I have accomplished so far and I hope we can continue to increase the amount of lovely people who read these posts. Additionally, we’ve smashed the records and managed to reach over both 1K likes and 1K views. Thank you all for everything!
  3. I read five graphic novels, following my first graphic novel review. I am both upset and content with only having five Alex Rider books converted into graphic novels. One the one hand, I haven’t read the whole series (now on 10 books) and graphic novels are so quick to read. But on the other hand, I want to read the series properly and the graphic novels portray the golden age of Alex Rider. (Stormbreaker – Scorpia). I am pleased Alex has returned for more but there was something so special about that part of the series, five action packed- adventures that take us on a journey and see Alex grow as a person. I feel like although the fifth book provides some sort of closure, it also feels like a cliff-hanger and you desperately need to know what happens next. *Fangirls and has all the feels* I don’t want the series to drag on but I don’t want it to end. The author, Anthony                Horowitz, has written many short stories due to a large public demand and these will be available in a compilation in 2018. I want a copy so  badly!alex rider pint blanc cover
  4. We delved into the wondrous world of beauty-blogging with several posts. I am happy that we have finally made a step in that direction and I admire beauty bloggers because it’s hard work. Still fun though!eyeliner info
  5. We took inspiration from Maggie and made a Little Things post to appreciate the smaller things in life that can get overlooked.
  6. We got nominated for a couple blogging awards. To date we have posted for the One Lovely Blog Award, the Liebester Award and the Sunshine Blogger Award.

That was our monthly wrap-up- June. If you enjoyed reading about this month’s blogging achievements then like, share and comment what you think of it- I’d love to know! Follow for more madness and I’ll see you all later. 

But until next time, keep blabbing!