The 100th post is nearly here!

Hey everybody!

How are you all? Before we start, I want to ask you all about changes to my site. First of all, I changed the theme. I think it looks more grown-up, tidy and chic. What do you think? Secondly, have you noticed all the ads? I hope they don’t cover any of the content- so far they just sit under most posts and have all been family-friendly. Since I don’t pay for my blog, I can’t remove any advertising so they are there for now. Oh well, I’m flattered that someone somewhere thinks this site is a good spot to place ads!

Because the 100th post is supposed to be memorable and special, I want to do a Q&A. I have never done one before and I have always wanted to connect with you all- isn’t that part of blogging? Please comment down below if you want a Q&A with your questions so I know what to do. 

Another option is that I could write a song for the occasion. It can be special to everyone because I can post the lyrics and you guys can sing it to any tune!

Those are the ideas for my 100th post. Please vote below in the comments! I’ll see you all later!

But until next time, keep blabbing!


11 thoughts on “The 100th post is nearly here!

  1. A Q&A would be so much fun!! if you decide to, here are my questions for you: 1) Who are your favorite YouTubers? 2) What are your top three favorite books? 3) What is your favorite thing about blogging? – that song idea you mentioned sounds awesome, too! 😀

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