I trust you will find your stay most enjoyable : An original short story by me

Hey everybody!

Today I want to share a short-story I wrote all by myself*. I hope you like it! Also, I would like to do a Q&A for my 100th post, so please put any questions you have in the comments section below. Let’s get into the story!

“I trust you will find your stay most enjoyable!” The old dear chirped from behind the front desk. Casually eyeing the golden oval on her jacket, “Thanks, I’m sure I will, Glenda.”  Eleanor replied. The old-fashioned cream telephone began to ring and Glenda picked it up. She held out a finger and mouthed, “One second,”

Eleanor took this time to survey the foyer of the charming little hotel.

She shuffled back on the plush pea-green carpet that lined the reception to get a better view of the whole thing. The building was decorated in a rather shabby-chic fashion, with wooden chairs covered in ivory crackle paint and upholstered in a soft vintage fabric. Oil paintings lined the walls, each one depicting a different scene. Leaning closer, Eleanor could make out a turquoise ocean with a magnificent galleon being tossed about by the treacherous waves. Another showed a lush green forest and the one next to it was a watercolour of an igloo. Following the golden skirting board with her eyes she spotted the doorman dressed in a traditional uniform of red and gold, complete with a little hat. So cosy and comfortable, what wasn’t to like about this place?

“Ms Chambers? Your room is ready. When you go up you will find your luggage waiting for you. Please remember that the elevator is faulty. We don’t want to catch anyone there, especially after what happened.”

“I beg your pardon?” She asked. The brochure never said anything about an accident.

Why would it?

“You haven’t heard? There was a case three weeks ago, and an elderly woman was not wide awake. She called down the elevator, despite being told about it being broken. The poor lady stepped inside as soon as the doors opened and fell to her death!” Glenda exclaimed.

“But I can’t stay here, what with my legs; you know how I’m getting on! I can’t possibly use the stairs!” She cried, astonished.

Grunting in pain, Ms Chambers heaved herself upstairs and finally reached her room.

Upstairs in her third-floor room, Eleanor Chambers had awoken from a terrible nightmare about falling. She had always feared heights ever since an unfortunate tree climbing incident at a friend’s twelfth birthday party. Even after sixty-four years, Ms Chambers still suffered from a recurring dream about falling from a terrible height. But no matter how many times it happened it was still so real. She woke up in a cold sweat every time and no amount of deep breaths solved anything. The only thing that calmed Eleanor down was going to see her life-long friend Marjorie Ellis, who was staying just two floors below. Good old Marge!

Throwing her plump pink duvet to one side, she swung her legs over the edge of the bed and rose to her feet. Trudging out of her apartment in her luxurious lavender slippers she made her way down the hall to the elevator. Poor Ms Chambers’ eyesight wasn’t what it used to be and she wasn’t exactly renowned for her memory.  She never saw the sign that warned guests of the elevator’s faulty nature and the receptionist’s wise words had since faded away. As soon as the doors separated, Eleanor Chambers stepped forward.

And fell.

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That was the first short story I have ever posted on my blog. If you enjoyed reading this, hit the like button and comment down below so I can post more of these in future. Follow me for more madness and I’ll see you all later! 

But until next time, keep blabbing!


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