My First Piece of Blog Artwork

Hey everyone! 

How are you all? Today I am sharing a piece of art I created. I love to draw so here is one of my original creations! I have never shared any of my pieces before so I am open to any feedback you guys have- even negative feedback, because it will help me to hone my skills. I did just doodle this for fun though, so I don’t expect to sell it for millions like a Picasso or anything!

batay drawing

That’s all for now, hit like so I know you want to see more of my drawings! Share this post and comment what you think of my work. Comment any questions you have for my 100th post Q&A ( I will also be sharing a song I wrote for the occaision). Follow for more madness and I’ll see you all later!

But until next time, keep blabbing!


10 thoughts on “My First Piece of Blog Artwork

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  1. wow i love it!!! you are so talented 💛 keep up the good work! so my question for the 100th post would be, why did you start blogging? Like i know a lot of us like to write and put our stuff out there but sometimes there are deeper reasons and i am just curious to why. thanks for sharing!! 💗

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