Why Some of My Posts Aren’t Easy to Read

Hey everybody!

Today I want to bring something to your attention.

I think some of you have already noticed that my older posts have crazy fonts and sizes for the text. They didn’t always look like that though! You see, a while ago I changed my theme. When I change the theme all the old posts looked a little crazy and I decided to leave them because I thought nobody would read them anyway, so I didn’t see the point in spending time updating them. However, after checking my blog stats I have noticed that my older posts are being read and for fear of scaring off new blabbing buddies, I am thinking of editing those posts. I am not a crazy lady so don’t be alarmed at how horrific some of the original posts look. If you want to check out the old posts then by all means, do so but beware; editing them will be a slow and painful process and they may not be ready when you read them! 

I will see you all later, 

But until next time, keep blabbing!


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