Weekly Update

Hey everyone!

How is everything? I guess everyone’s hair is a little greyer since the last time I posted- it feels like ages

So today I checked my blog stats and it appears we have reached 250 followers. I am excited because it means that there are real people out there who care what I think. And I think that deserves to be celebrated! Let’s party!

*Realises we can’t actually have a party and pauses the music* Oh. This is awkward. I think this means I win pass the parcel! 

All dad-jokes aside, I couldn’t thank you all enough. I put a lot of time and effort into this blog and as a creator, I put effort into my content so it means a lots that 250 people read my posts and support me.

If you are new, welcome! Oh, you can’t see the banner I made especially for you? Trust me, it’s there. No, left a bit. Yes that’s it!

I am a self-proclaimed mermaid and I enjoy baking and reading, although I take part in award tags and do travel posts when I have the chance to visit somewhere new. I use a generous amount exclamation marks but I’m an enthusiastic person! I am so happy you have found my piece of the internet. I hope you stick around.

Peace✌️, love💜 and noodles🍜.

Princess Blabbermouth X


24 thoughts on “Weekly Update

  1. Aw congratulations girl!! So happy for you 😍💕 haha I love how you said health and fitness, not your health and fitness 😂👌🏼 same here!! I’m always needing improvement in that area lol xx

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