Thanks for 250 Followers!

Hello everybody!

How is everything? I guess everyone’s hair is a little greyer since the last time I posted- it feels like ages

So today I checked my blog stats and it appears we have reached 250 followers. I am excited because it means that there are real people out there who care what I think. And I think that deserves to be celebrated! Let’s party!

*Realises we can’t actually have a party and pauses the music* Oh. This is awkward. I think this means I win pass the parcel! 

All joking aside, I couldn’t thank you all enough. I put a lot of time and effort into this blog and as a creator, I pour my heart out into my content so it means the world to me that 250 people actually bother reading my posts and supporting me.

If you are new, welcome. Oh, you can’t see the banner I made especially for you? Trust me, it’s there. No, left a bit. Yes that’s it! I am an aspiring mermaid who likes baking, books and beauty although I take part in award tags and do travel posts when I have the chance to visit somewhere new. I use exclamation marks way too much but I’m an enthusiastic person! I am passionate about health and fitness posts. Why do I have to pause and catch my breath after running up a flight of stairs, I hear you asking? I like to inspire other people. I said “health and fitness”, not my health and fitness! I am so happy you have found my piece of the internet. I hope you stick around.

Follow for more madness and I will see you all later!

But until next time, keep blabbing!


24 thoughts on “Thanks for 250 Followers!

  1. Aw congratulations girl!! So happy for you 😍💕 haha I love how you said health and fitness, not your health and fitness 😂👌🏼 same here!! I’m always needing improvement in that area lol xx

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