Does Batman Count As a Real Superhero?

Hey everyone!

How are you? This week was so slow. I decided to watch Flash compilayions to speed it up!

If the title and the intro still weren’t a big enough clue for you, I love superheroes. Actually, I prefer Marvel but DC still has some quality characters. My friends and I had been talking about the Flash vs Quicksilver and I was outnumbered because it seems like I was the only one defending the silver-haired speedster. Even Flash fans are divided by their choice between Grant Gustin and Ezra Miller. And for once, I backed out of a Marvel/DC debate because I was like, “Can’t we all just get along?!”Image result for quicksilver vs the flash

Once this week I was super-bored (hey, can I get cooler powers? Super-bored is kinda lame. Can I be a speedster instead?) and I was asking my family which superheroes they liked. My mother named practically all of the Justice League and my dad just said “Wolverine.” Turns out that’s why I could never hate DC even though I grew up with mainly Marvel characters. Because I had DC coursing through my veins! Jokes aside, I think that it is possible to love both Marvel and DC because they are both awesome! Image result for justice league

I was trying to convince my brother that Dick Grayson was the best Robin and then he just turned around and said… Wait for it…Image result for dick grayson robin

“Batman’s not a superhero.”

I just stopped to process that. “Yes. Yes he is. And that’s not even what we were talking about. But he IS a super-hero.”

And that, my friends, is how I got into a full-blown discussion on whether or not Batman is even a real super-hero. My brother said even though Batman is a vigilante, he should be seen as a hero. I was like, “Yeeeesss? Your point? Where is it because I don’t see your point!” and then BOOM. He hit me with,

“Superman and the Hulk have real powers, so they’re superheroes. Bruce Wayne is just rich and knows how to punch really hard. That, and how to sulk.”

“It’s not sulking, it’s brooding! Batman has a right to be called super, he’s earned it. And besides, you can’t just compare Superman to Batman. What does the sulk-I mean Hulk- have to do with it?”

And about half an hour later, after me listing all the reasons why Bruce Wayne is not just a rich sulky brat and that Batman is really super, my brother just sighed and said,


“Yay! So just to confirm,” I pulled out my phone to record him saying it. “Batman is a superhero. Say it. Say it!” Image result for yay gif comics

Then he just gave me an evil smirk that Damian Wayne would be proud of and told me, “Batman is a super hero.” Just when I was about to do a victory dance, he carried on. “He has ESP. Why else does he knock bad guys out with one punch when they sneak up on him?”

What?! How could Batman possibly have ESP? What if he does and I just don’t know the comic-book-verse as well as I think I do?! Now, that’s definitely possible, there is just so much out there. I ended up cheating (sort of) and Googling it. I know, that’s not really research with the answers at my fingertips. It would make a much better blog post if I could somehow write a montage of me flipping through some secret archive of ancient comic-books. That’s how they do it in movies!

Image result for montage gif
*Cue Montage*

It appears he is just a highly skilled Martial-Artist and a genius too. So he doesn’t have any special powers. However, he is an extra-ordinary human. I still think he should be called super. What do you guys think? Does Batman count as a real superhero?

That was my post on whether or not Batman deserves to be called a superhero.

Peace✌️, Love💜 and Noodles🍜

Princess Blabbermouth X



9 thoughts on “Does Batman Count As a Real Superhero?

  1. Technically no. Batman is not a superhero because for you to be a superhero you have to have super powers. It’s the literal definition of a superhero. Of course then that begs the question about what is Batman? Batman is a true hero. Of course my preferred answer about what is the Batman is answered best by Frank Miller. What is he? He’s the g@dd#mned BATMAN!

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    1. Thanks for sharing your view on this! I am still a huge fan and I will always see The Caped Crusader as super. Still, you have made a great point which a lot of people agree with. Also, yes-he is and always will be THE BATMAN 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!


  2. I hear this argument quite often. My son (Inner Man Theatre) would agree with you. Write more. While I personally don’t care about superheroes, and am not a hater either, I have grown up with my brother and friends being totally into them. It gives me more to share with my son. 😉

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