Blogmas Day 8- A Gift Guide For People You Don’t Know All Too Well

Hey everyone!

This is a scheduled post. I have just posted. So hello, Future Me! That’s probably the closest I’ll ever want to get with time-travelling. That and the Back To The Future movies. Those are awesome.
For today’s post I want to share a gift guide for bloggers. I got the idea for this post from Currently Lately and I would like to make my own based on it.

  1. A gift card. This can be to so many different stores. You can put whatever value you want on a gift card and they can buy whatever they want with it. That way you can be sure they will be happy with whatever they end up with!

    Image result for gift card AMAZON
    I love getting Amazon gift cards, but I’m not sponsored haha
  2. A scented candle. This is my go-to gift. It can be for anyone because most people don’t mind a scented candle. They can be as simple or as fancy as you want them to be and they are still a great present.
  3. A diary. I think everyone has tried to keep a diary at least once, I have never made it past the middle of February, I don’t think! But if whoever you are giving a present wants to stay organised or just likes to doodle, you can get them a blank journal. They come in all sorts of designs so this is a safe option.Image result for cute journals
  4. Chocolate. I know this one is pretty basic, but I can count everyone I ‘ve ever met who hates chocolate on one hand! (That was me trying to be reassuring 😂) This, although it will be gone once eaten, will nonetheless be appreciated!
  5. A scarf. If you know they like scarves, find out which kind they like best and get them that. They will use it a lot with the colder weather coming upon us.
  6. Makeup. If your new friend likes cosmetics, pick up a palette (eyeshadow palettes are popular) and they will thank you!
  7. Perfume. If you notice someone has a favourite scent, take that as a hint and buy them a similar fragrance.Image result for perfume j'adore dior

That’s my gift-guide for people you don’t know all too well.

Peace✌️, Love💜 and Noodles🍜

Princess Blabbermouth X


5 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 8- A Gift Guide For People You Don’t Know All Too Well

  1. I love the Back To The Future movies, too!! And chocolate is always a good idea for a present, hehe 🙂 ❤ I wanted to let you know that I've tagged you in the Wacky Christmas Challenge on my most recent post, if you'd like to check that out!

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  2. Candles are definitely my go to gift when it comes to buying for people I don’t know that well, especially peoples parents! I never thought of buying people scarves either, but that seems a really good idea! Thanks for sharing! xx

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