Blogmas Day 10- How To Use Coloured Hairspray Tutorial

Hey everyone!

Today I want to share how I change my hair colour. I still use chalk from time to time and I have posted a tutorial on how to make your own but I have switched to using sprays. They wash right out with shampoo and they don’t cost a lot either. If you would like me to do a review on the instant colour spray I used today just let me know! Here is the tutorial:

  • To use the spray, you need clean dry hair. If your hair is already clean and dry, just brush through it.Image result for wash hair gif
  • I have found that if you want to braid your hair with the colour in, it’s best to braid before you spray. Image result for coloured fishtail braid
  • But if you want to use a flat iron or curling iron, I would spray first and then style. The heat might help fix the colour and it’s be easier to just colour before you attempt to style otherwise it gets messy! Of course, follow the instructions on the packaging to make sure you are using it right. Different brands have varying instructions. Some products require you to dye damp hair and style after.
  • Then put a dark towel around your shoulders to make sure you don’t stain your clothes.Image result for hairdresser towel neck
  • Spray small sections of hair (not to close) and wait for the colour to dry. I would buy more than one bottle just in case one isn’t enough.
  • Then break apart the sections with your fingers and you can brush through to make sure the colour is blended if you wish. Image result for brush hair gif
  • When you want to be rid of your coloured hair, simply wash your hair with shampoo. The sprays that I use normally come out with one shampoo but that depends on your hair type and colour to begin with. Check the pack before you buy and be sure to read reviews so you have a rough idea of what to expect of the product.

That’s all I have for now.

Peace✌️, Love💜 and Noodles🍜

Princess Blabbermouth X


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