In Which I Ask You Guys For Input

Hey everyone!

First week of 2K18 and I am settled into the new year. Well, until I write 2017 on a piece of paper and frantically try to turn the seven into an eight and cry, “Why!” 

Am I the only one who experiences this? Please tell me I’m not alone😂

How is everybody?

I would like to interact more with readers (one of my blogging goals) so don’t be shy, if you want to see more of something then just ask!


I would like to post more art on my blog because I want to improve my skills. If you have any suggestions or requests comment them below and I will post some doodles soon (fingers crossed!)


I was organising my posts today and I put my Blogmas posts into a Challenges, Tags and Awards category to tackle another one of my blogging goals when I saw that I have a lonely looking food series with two posts. I started the series at my blog’s third quarter quell. I was wondering if you guys would like to continue our Fab Foodie Frenzy? You know the drill: suggestions in the comments.


If you want to discuss books we could totally do that as well. Any Potterheads out there?


I would like to do another Superhero themed post too, the first one about Batman and if he deserves to be called super. Maybe a Flash VS Quicksilver post?

That’s all I have for now. If you would like to make any requests or get involved in my blog just comment down below!

Ha, that sounds like the comments are under the sea and you’re a Mermaid in Training! 

My inner thoughts! What are you doing here?!

Just making random points concerning your post.

Well you can do that later! Honestly. *Shakes head*

What about the outro?

Well in the last post nobody objected to me keeping “Keep Blabbing” so I’ll stick with that.

I’ll see you guys later-

Stop taking my line!

But until next time, keep blabbing!




7 thoughts on “In Which I Ask You Guys For Input

Add yours

    1. Hey girl! I love your comments, you make me laugh and smile 🙂 Glad you can relate.
      I am working on an art post at the moment. If you want to get involved, post a recipe and tag it #FabFoodFrenzy. I will be more than willing to re-blog it as part of the series. You don’t have to if you don’t want to, no worries! Thank you very much ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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