Update (With Art)

Hey everyone!

So I’m being productive today. Yay! *cheers and opts not to use confetti because cleaning up is hard work* Can’t actually remember the last time I updated on here but I finally am and it feels like it’s been a million years, but also like I never stopped?! Anyone else feel that after a break?

Most of these “thoughts” are actually just questions but oh well:

  • I started watching The Flash regularly instead of here and there and I realised I’ve been missing out. On a sidenote (side note. Side-note?), I am basically Cisco.
    Image result for Cisco Ramon Quotes
  • It’s currently really hot in the UK so I need to buy lighter pyjamas, maybe fandom ones? 😁
  • Why did mini discs never really get made?
  • A trip to Mars sounds cool and all but why aren’t we taking care of the planet we have? Wow, that got deep.
  • While we’re on that, I am trying to cut down on plastic. Does anyone know any good re-usable bottles I can get? I want a durable one but nothing made of glass because I am accident-prone.
  • Have realised I will probably never bring my proposed food blogging series to life here as I can’t actually cook to save myself 😂 Getting better, but I am no Nigella.
  • Read this joke somewhere.

Me: I had this green crunchy topping today, it was good.

Healthy person: Dude… That’s salad *shakes head*

  • I am still drawing and here is one I just did:art

I was away for a while so I have a lot to catch up on but it’ll be fun. If you have any requests for me (like art or a book you want me to read), feel free to comment your suggestion. Will update soon.

Peace✌️, love💜 and noodles🍜

Princess Blabbermouth X


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