Weekly Update- Potion Diaries Edition *Spoilers*

Hey everyone!

Last year, I got the third potion diaries books for my birthday. I have so many other books and I shadowed a book awards shortlists too so I never finished reading it. I read it this summer on my travels (will update on that soon, hopefully) and today I’m doing a post on the series. I took my own photographs for this post and I’m pretty happy. I created the backdrop too. It’s the perfect setting for these beautiful books!potion diaries stacked trilogy

The books:

First up is The Potion Diaries, or as it is known in other parts of the world, “Madly“.potion diaries

This is kicks off the trilogy with a bang as a Wilde Hunt is called. This is a quest to find a cure when a member of the Novaen royal family is sick. Samantha Kemi, of Kemi’s Potion Shop sees the Wilde Hunt to restore her family shop to its former glory as big synthetic potion companies have taken the Kemis out of business.

Royal Tour is the sequel to the Potion Diaries. potion diaries royal tour

Having won the Wilde Hunt, Sam is preparing to go on tour with Princess Evelyn of Nova but she is rudely interrupted when someone tampers with her grandfather’s memories. Sam Kemi must once again trade in glam balls for searching for centaurs to save her grandfather and just about everyone else.

The most recent book in the series is Going Viral. potion diaries going viral

Following her recent success in escaping Emilia Thoth’s evil clutches and becoming the youngest Master Alchemist since her grandfather, Sam is the star of her own documentary. But the Gergon illness is spreading and it seems that Samantha was right to be wary of Prince Stefan when Princess Evelyn begins displaying symptoms of the Virus. Sam must venture out of Nova and journey back to her Kemi roots if she is to save Nova once more.

My favourite part of each book:

  1. Potion Diaries. Towards the end of the book, Sam and Zain get trapped up on Mount Hallah and come face to face with an Abominable.
  2. Royal Tour. When Kirsty collects Dragon flame during a car chase in Runustan.
  3. Going Viral. When Stefan decides to make an appearance using his cloak. I can’t help but think of Baz from Carry On. It’s quite vampiric- the whole sharp teeth and hypnotic eyes vibe.potion diaries trilogy flatlay 2.jpg

I would definitely recommend the Potion Diaries books as they are full of adventure and magic combined with modern technology and the use of social media. That’s this week’s post. Bye for now!

Peace✌️, Love💜 and Noodles🍜

Princess Blabbermouth X



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