Celebration: Roaring 20s Style!

Hey everyone!

It was my birthday a week ago and I received some beautiful presents from my family and friends. The plan was actually to just to go to the cinema with a friend- which I did. Christopher Robin was such a great film, it brought the stories to life and featured illustrations from the books which made me smile.

I also went to a Gatsby-inspired, 20s-themed book party for ‘A Sky Painted Gold’ by Laura Wood last Sunday and got my copy signed (which was also a gift). I had a wonderful time; there was headband making as well as a photo-booth with props. I kept the mocktail recipe, they were so good!

flatlay 3

Here are a few of my new things in a pretty flat lay. The notebook is pink and has a rainbow holographic effect. There are some crystal-topped pens in metallic shades as well as a new eyeshadow palette (the wicked-cool silver wallet-looking thing) and some cute bracelets.

As well as A Sky Painted Gold, I received  a copy of Anne Frank The Diary Of A Young Girl. I’ve read the play before but not the book, I am excited to get stuck in.

That was my birthday special! Thank you for reading.

Peace✌️, Love💜 and Noodles🍜

Princess Blabbermouth X


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