Five Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Hey everyone! How are you all? Halloween is just around the corner, where did October go? Oh, right. Fluffy PJs, Netflix and ignoring important work. But if you're like me, when October first hits you will grab a pad of paper and sketch out a bunch of dope costumes. And then proceed to ignore all [...]


Autumn Outfit Idea

Hello everybody! How are you all? I have not done many beauty or fashion posts lately but I would like to change that today. Change, clothes- get it? Okay, I'll just start. But wait, I want to tell you that I have joined BayArt, an awesome-sauce platform with an awesome-r reason to exist! The goal [...]

DIY Hair Chalk Recipe

Hey everybody! I don't think I've told you before but I am in love with having coloured hair. I love wild styles but run screaming at the mention of committing to one crazy 'do. When I was little, I found the perfect solution: hair chalk. I know it is famed for making your hair stiff [...]

Three Summer Makeup Products On My Wishlist

Hey everybody! *This post is not sponsored, it's purely for fun* Today I feel like my makeup bag needs refreshing. Or I could burn it and buy a new one? Jokes, I wouldn't like the smell of my foundation being cooked 🙂 Here is a list of things that are currently on my beauty wishlist: [...]

DIY Cream Highlighter from Eyeshadow

Hey everyone! Today I am here with a simple hack I found on the internet to turn your leftover eye-shadow into highlighter. Also, for the 100th post I am thinking of doing a Q&A so post your questions down below! You will need: lotion shimmery eyeshadow (you might want to use a pearly, golden, white, [...]

The Order To Apply Make-up In

Hello beautiful people! Of course everyone has a different way of doing things so if you have your own routine that differs from this "tutorial" thing-y then you are not wrong. You are unique! But to make new make-up user's lives easier and give you some guidance, I have created a step-by-step guide on the [...]

How to make any eyeshadow wearable! (Re-blog)

Hey Beauty Fam! For today’s post I thought it would be nice for me to share a very simple beauty tip of mine. ❤ A year ago, you would have never caught me wearing any coloured shadow on a day-to-day basis. The only eyeshadows that I would wear were neutral, brown shades. The only time […] [...]