Happy Birthday to My Little Brother

Hey everyone!  Today's post is dedicated to my baby (not really a baby anymore) brother. So here is a special birthday message to you, my wonderful sibling. So, your birthday huh? Congratulations. I remember when you hit double digits. You were excited yes, but also sad that you were getting older. Heck, I remember the [...]


The Fall Tag

Hey everyone! *slides into view on wheeled office chair and nearly falls off*  How's it going? I'm fine, Autumn (or fall if you prefer to say that) is upon us once again. I won't leave the house without my new pink plaid scarf though, it's too cute!  I want to give Maggie of Dreaming of [...]

Back To School Survival Guide

Hey everyone! How are you all? *RUNS AWAY FROM ANGRY STUDENTS TRYING TO PREPARE FOR SCHOOL*. Okay, okay. I get it! You're all annoyed about starting school soon and you're freaking out! I believe that school is good for you in some ways, so don't drop out and tell your parents it's because Princess Blabbermouth [...]

Desktop Desert

Hello everybody! I know it has been a while since I last posted, but I am back and I am excited to introduce you to Doris! Yes, I have named it. I bought a tiny cactus and named it Doris. If you're reading this Mum and Dad, remember when I named the fish? I miss [...]

A Trip to Liverpool

Hey everybody! A few days ago I took a trip to Liverpool. Let me start by saying everybody is so friendly and kind! I got a teeny tiny little bit lost a few times but everybody I asked for directions was super helpful. I even went to Crosby beach and it was great; I got [...]

The Time We Tried to Find Narnia (story time)

Hey guys!  In my 100th post I mentioned that I sat in my wardrobe for an hour (and three minutes to be precise). No, I am not crazy, so you don't need to worry. If my parents read this then the next family dinner should be interesting.  Simone Giertz is a dope human whose website and [...]

100th Post: Song and a Q&A

Hey beautiful creatures!  (If you got that movie reference we can be best friends now). How are you all? It's the moment you have all been waiting for; the 100th post! Thank you all for your kindness and support. Blogging has become part of my life. Something to look forward to and I know that [...]