Glorious Comeback Post- are those a thing? (Random Thoughts and Some Art)

Hey everyone! So I'm being productive today. Yay! *cheers and opts not to use confetti because cleaning up is hard work* Can't actually remember the last time I updated on here but I finally am and it feels like it's been a million years, but also like I never stopped?! Anyone else feel that after... Continue Reading →


Weekly Update

Hey everyone! The  last post was so much  fun that I wanted to write this one in the same style. (I know it was Eid yesterday so Eid Mubarak to those of you who celebrated!🎉)  Bookish Update: I am currently reading Running on the Roof of the World by Jess Butterworth and I am not that far in so... Continue Reading →

Weekly Update

Hello everybody! This post is an update about a few different things.  Bookish Update: JUST READ: Captain America Vol. 3 by Ed Brubaker CURRENTLY READING: I am reading Fangirl again, it's just so good! When I re-read a book it feels like I'm visiting a familiar place and meeting the characters for a catch-up 😂. Also... Continue Reading →

Blog Update 3/4/18 + Art Requests

Hello everyone! I have been gone for quite some time but returned to celebrate my first blog anniversary, so I am excited to see if anything has changed much around here.  I would like to learn more about you guys, the readers and make this a more interactive experience. If you'd like to share what's... Continue Reading →

SURPRISE! I’m Alive (1 Year of Blogging)

Hi everyone. I sort of... Disappeared off the face of the Earth for let's see here...Two months?! Wow. Actually, I took up a couple of art projects that clashed with my blogging  schedule (which I never really adhere to lol) and just decided to give up posting for a while. I'm back and here are... Continue Reading →

Harry Potter Book Night: Fantastic Beasts

Hello everybody! How are you all? The first of February was all about celebrating Fantastic Beasts and what a wonderful way to start the month?! I had a great time at a library where the place was decorated in the true spirit of the Wizarding World.     There were excepts from the books read... Continue Reading →

The Flash Memes

Hey everyone! How are you all? Today I compiled a bunch of superhero memes into one post. I hope it makes you guys giggle.     I just realised that all but one of these are Flash-related. Yay! Okay, that's all I have for you guys today but I will be back soon. But until... Continue Reading →

400 Followers Post (And Thoughts On Fangirling)

  Hey everyone! How are you all? I hope you're doing well.  I would like to begin by saying thank you to everyone who reads, follows, likes and shares. This blog means the world to me and I'm glad you think it's special enough to come back to. This blog is here for me all... Continue Reading →

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