Trip To France- Thoughts and Photographs

Hello everyone! Earlier this year I went to France and here are some photographs I want to share with you of my time there. I visited Normandy for a couple of days to see Omaha Beach, The Normandy American Cemetery and later we explored the nearby area of Arromanches-les-Bains. Then to top it all off,... Continue Reading →


Berlin Trip Thoughts

Hey everybody! I just got back from Germany. Specifically, Berlin (my new favourite place on the entire planet!) I haven't done a travel post in ages and now I have so much to share. I fell in love with the place as the city is so rich in culture and history. The pavement- or sidewalk,... Continue Reading →

A Trip to Liverpool

Hey everybody! A few days ago I took a trip to Liverpool. Let me start by saying everybody is so friendly and kind! I got a teeny tiny little bit lost a few times but everybody I asked for directions was super helpful. I even went to Crosby beach and it was great; I got... Continue Reading →

Faro – Portugal — Travel – Live Your Dreams Don`t Dream Your Life

I am full with excitement to finally leave the house and explore the city and it`s beauty. My alarm was set on seven in the morning, so we could leave the house around eight what I was really happy for. The accommodation is literally 3 minutes walk from the main square and the port. As... Continue Reading →

Travel, Mental Health and You

This deserves a slow-clap. Not sarcastic or anything, but because of its sheer brilliance! Honestly, we need more of this and I think that The Troublesome Traveller deserves more recognition!

The Troublesome Traveller

For some, travel is not just about discovering new places, but escaping old ones that have had a negative impact on our lives.

But what if the negativity in your life isn’t coming from your past?  What if it’s following you around, bringing down the day? If you’re carrying it with you, you can’t run away from that.

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What to Pack for a 3 Day Trip

Hello, how are you? Wait. Stop and think. You are alive! You have so much to be grateful for you should smile! So continuing with our travel theme, I want to share a packing list for three days. I often pack too much or too little. But after trial and error, I have come up... Continue Reading →

10 Things to take in your hand-luggage

Hey everyone! I love to travel; amazing places, new people and adventure everywhere! I am something of a fanatic when in comes to planning for a trip. I don't have any upcoming plans but I know what I would take if I did. For my 1 month bloggiversary I have made a list of 10... Continue Reading →

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