1K Views in July?!

Hello everyone!  Two posts in one day, fancy that? So last month we hit 1.4K views for which I am extremely grateful. Considering that I have taken a few breaks from blogging and made my upload schedule much more relaxed, 1K in a month is huge! Thanks to all my lovely readers and followers. There's [...]


Some Poetry?

Hey everybody! Today I want to share a piece that I have been working on for a while now.  The message is about facing challenges on your journey to accompishing your dreams and  how there are always others who want to see you fail and how if you can look past that and try your [...]

Why Some of My Posts Aren’t Easy to Read

Hey everybody! Today I want to bring something to your attention. I think some of you have already noticed that my older posts have crazy fonts and sizes for the text. They didn't always look like that though! You see, a while ago I changed my theme. When I change the theme all the old [...]

Amy Alward’s New Series

Like Sam Kemi tumbling from a mountaintop, I'm being snowed under by an avalanche of news at the moment! But today I get to announce something I have been working on for quite some time now... an entirely *new* series!! The details were out in The Bookseller today: http://www.thebookseller.com/news/alward-signs-new-series-ss-set-near-future-582116 It doesn't yet have a title, but… [...]

Thanks For 1K Likes!

    Hey everybody!  How are you all on this glorious day that hasn't been filled with running in the rain and being splashed by trucks at all! Just kidding, it rained and I stepped in a puddle. Still! So I left the house today in the pouring rain and came back to find out [...]

A letter to depression 

This post is what we need more of. We should bottle this post and spray it everywhere!


Dear depression,

I remember the date you knocked on my door,
2nd of March, 2017.
And I let you in, for you seemed so approaching and so friendly
We chatted and chatted, and I could sense the sadness in the air
As you slowly consumed my soul, and my life started seeming totally unfair
I tried to run away from you, I tried to save myself from your tight grasp
But you held on to me, and I knew it was a death trap
I spent days, on my bed, trying to make sense of it
Trying to hold the puzzle pieces together, and make them fit
It became difficult, to reach out for the plate of food kept right beside me
Which my stomach craved, but for which, my mind had no appetite
‘ You enjoy being depressed’, my father told me one day
And I laughed dryly, for…

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Updated Desk Tour! ~ June 2017

This is just so cool! I am definitely going to try to make my desk look neater. Great job Maggie! 🙂

Dreaming of Guatemala

Hello everyone, and happy Monday to all of you! Like many other people, Monday is definitely not my favorite day of the week lol, but I like to try and make it as positive as possible. So, for today’s post, I chose something that I would really enjoy writing about and sharing with you guys!

Back in January, I shared a tour of my desk- you cancheck outthis post if you want to see it. Since then, justlike I always do, I’ve changed things up a bit. Some of the décor has been switched out or moved around, and a few things I have removed for now,but the whole appearance of it looks quite different than it did back in thewinter!

Woohoo! Isn’t it prettyyyy? I love all the bright colors that go along with each other -especially the pastel green. ❤ Haha alright, before I go on raving…

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