Stargazing For Beginners by Jenny McLachlan Review

Hey everyone! I have finished reading Stargazing For Beginners, one of the books I was lucky to receive as presents for my birthday. This is what I have to say about it: Megara's is a smart girl and Annie calls her an "uber-nerd". Meg's best friend was called Harriet. Although we don't have the pleasure of [...]


What I’ve Been Reading Lately

Hey everybody! I've missed you guys so much but like I said I am not a pro-blogger and I do this on the weekends so I have waited all week to post. Today I am not doing a tag because I feel like I have done so many lately that it's getting boring and I [...]

This is my favourite genre, what’s yours? Book Tag

Hello everybody! By now you will all either be: a) wondering where I have disappeared to or  b) shaking your head at how many times I have said, "Sorry I've been gone but I am back now!" and giving up on me.  I am so sorry to have left you all hanging! But the sad reality [...]

300+ Followers!

Hey everyone! I know I have been away for a while, I simply couldn't be bothered posting. I know that makes me sound horrible but I had a busy week and then I needed time to recover, plus it's healthy to take breaks. So here we are and I'm delighted to announce that our cheerful [...]

Back To School Survival Guide

Hey everyone! How are you all? *RUNS AWAY FROM ANGRY STUDENTS TRYING TO PREPARE FOR SCHOOL*. Okay, okay. I get it! You're all annoyed about starting school soon and you're freaking out! I believe that school is good for you in some ways, so don't drop out and tell your parents it's because Princess Blabbermouth [...]

Mystery Blogger Award

Hey everyone! How has your day been? If you are happy with today then good for you; if not, then I suggest you turn it around and create a day you can be proud of.  Today I am doing a tag called the Mystery Blogger Award. I would like to thank Beth from  À La [...]

Berlin Trip Thoughts

Hey everybody! I just got back from Germany. Specifically, Berlin (my new favourite place on the entire planet!) I haven't done a travel post in ages and now I have so much to share. I fell in love with the place as the city is so rich in culture and history. The pavement- or sidewalk, [...]