The 100th post is nearly here!

Hey everybody! How are you all? Before we start, I want to ask you all about changes to my site. First of all, I changed the theme. I think it looks more grown-up, tidy and chic. What do you think? Secondly, have you noticed all the ads? I hope they don't cover any of the [...]


Don’t Hate Your Life- Change It!

Hey everybody! We as humans tend to be our own worst enemies. Apart from a few exceptions, we know ourselves best. If you don't look after yourself, who will? People can get too comfortable and slip into a rhythm of repeating the same thing everyday, therefore ignoring what is happening around them. By zoning into [...]

Why Parents deserve more than we could ever hope to give them

Hello everyone! I want to write this post to thank my parents but I know I could never thank them enough. Before I start I want to say this to my mother and father if they're reading this: I love you. I'm sorry for ever hurting you and sometimes I cry myself. But I want [...]

5 Quotes that may or may not give you an epiphany

Hey everyone! Today I want to share some inspiring quotes which could lead you to a sudden realisation of a great truth. Okay, so maybe they won't but they could still change the way you think for the better! That was my list of 5 quotes that may or may not give you an epiphany. [...]

What to Pack for a 3 Day Trip

Hello, how are you? Wait. Stop and think. You are alive! You have so much to be grateful for you should smile! So continuing with our travel theme, I want to share a packing list for three days. I often pack too much or too little. But after trial and error, I have come up [...]