Back To School Survival Guide

Hey everyone! How are you all? *RUNS AWAY FROM ANGRY STUDENTS TRYING TO PREPARE FOR SCHOOL*. Okay, okay. I get it! You're all annoyed about starting school soon and you're freaking out! I believe that school is good for you in some ways, so don't drop out and tell your parents it's because Princess Blabbermouth [...]


DIY Cream Blush Recipe

Hello everyone! I hope you're having a lovely day. Today I decided I'd share a recipe for cream blush with you. I will show you how to make a quick 'n' easy cream blush so it will not be all natural. If anyone wants the all natural recipe then please let me know in the [...]

DIY BB Cream

Hey everybody! Following my re-blog My first makeup bag , I have been inspired to create a tutorial on you can make your own BB Cream so you don't have to carry around too many products and you can change the recipe to your liking so it matches your skin tone perfectly! Ingredients: Sunscreen Moisturizer Foundation/ Powder [...]

The Benefits and Uses of Activated Charcoal

Hey everybody! I'm so sorry for not posting in practically forever! By doing that I have gone against everything I've read about successful blogging: "Update regularly!" However, I've also read that it's important be a little off-beat, take breaks and do something different so you can't really blame me. The main thing is I am [...]

Life- Hacks for Surviving until Payday

Hey everyone! Ah, payday. The glorious time of the month when your bank balance swells that much more! But sometimes things happen that mean your budget gets tight. Because I want to help my fellow humans out, I decided to share a list of things you can do to save money. Regrow vegetable scraps. For [...]

10 Things to take in your hand-luggage

Hey everyone! I love to travel; amazing places, new people and adventure everywhere! I am something of a fanatic when in comes to planning for a trip. I don't have any upcoming plans but I know what I would take if I did. For my 1 month bloggiversary I have made a list of 10 [...]